Architects created every building and home you see. They do more than that however, they plan whole cities, create change in every urban environment, and are held in the highest esteem in all societies. The work is not easy, but if you love to build, then architecture is for you. Architecture is a discipline that combines engineering and art. It’s not just the building they have to understand, it’s also the plumbing, electric, elevators, and fire hazards and everything else. This is a not a discipline for the timid.

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More About Architecture

The program’s professional values include reason, independent thought, productivity, honesty, integrity, justice, self-esteem, teamwork and mutual supportiveness. Within a balanced curriculum of technology, visualization, history, theory and design studio coursework, the program offers a platform for scholarship, constructive discourse and debate. Project-based learning activities are used throughout the curriculum
(Provided by: Kent State University)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Architecture is a four-year, undergraduate degree program in which students explore the many factors that shape our built environment. The program provides a liberal arts foundation in the discipline of architecture that covers spatial reasoning, aesthetics, political and economic structures, socio-cultural influences, urbanism, landscape, construction, building technologies, and ecology
(Provided by: The University of Washington)

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is the nation's leader in sustainable design and planning for arid regions. CAPLA offers an extraordinary professional education inspired by our Sonoran setting and position within a world-class university renowned for research in environmental science and medicine, developing solutions to the most critical issues facing the planet. 
(Provided by: The University of Arizona)

Architecture expresses our dreams and values through designing spaces for people to live, work, and reflect. The BAC's School of Architecture educates students to become citizen architects, learning from faculty, from professionals, and from one another. Our learning community is shaped by the work of our students and faculty, bringing together diverse identities and backgrounds into a meaningful dialogue to critique and transform places. 
(Provided by: Boston Architectural College)

The five-year undergraduate program seeks applicants curious about the acquisition of knowledge, the creative and
scientific aspects of buildings
, the importance of ecological design, the power of learning, the value of hard work, and the transformative opportunities afforded the next generation of architects committed to changing the world. 
(Provided by: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Architecture enriches our lives by offering us environments that are sensibly compelling, thought provoking, and capable of lifting our spirits. In addition to being beautiful, architecture is, by ancient definition, functional and durable. Like art, architecture is permeated by dualities. It is stable and transitory, measurable and immeasurable, and capable of both being touched and touching us. 
(Provided by: Virginia Tech)