From ancient times to the present, dancers have expressed ideas, stories, and rhythm with their bodies. They use a variety of dance forms that allow free movement and self-expression, including classical ballet, modern dance, and culturally specific dance styles. Many dancers combine performance work with teaching or choreography. Dancers perform in a variety of settings, including opera, musical theater, and other musical productions, and may present folk, ethnic, tap, jazz, and other popular kinds of dance.

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More About Dance

"The Dance Department presents two fully produced main-stage dance concerts and several alternative performances offering JU dancers many opportunities to perform in an academic year. Most classes have live music accompaniment and technique classes are small and individualized, allowing for both the artistic and technical growth of the student." 
(Provided by: Jacksonville University)

"The dance/theatre minor offers the opportunity to develop and expand theatrical talents and skills as well as knowledge about the performing arts. Students can tailor the program to fit their particular interests in dance and/or theatre. Students will choose from a wide menu of technique classes, including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, Latin dance, partner dance and hip hop, and take advantage of the many performing opportunities available throughout the year"
(Provided by: The University of Tampa)

"As a student of dance, you can achieve your dreams on and off the dance floor. Develop your technique and talent with professional training in performance, choreography and teaching of dance and receive performance experiences in many forms through concerts, studio practice and classroom study. Students must audition for admittance into the program." 
(Provided by: The University of Idaho)

"Our BFA program is unique in its holistic educational focus that addresses the heart and mind as well as the body. We will give you the tools to create a sustainable life in dance: strong, anatomically sound technique; versatile performance skills; choreographic craft and creative voice; teaching and technical production experience; and knowledge of the business of dance. You will also develop an inner sense of self that will help you navigate the many opportunities available to you in dance." 
(Provided by: Cornish College of the Arts)

"The Dance Bachelor’s of Arts program emphasizes the development of a technically trained body, the processes involved in the creative activity of making dances and building a strong theoretical base for understanding movement. The student prepares for a professional career in the multifaceted field of dance as artist, entrepreneur, manager, or dance specialist." 
(Provided by: The George Washington University)

"Ideal for those pursuing performance, teaching, choreography, studio management and other allied fields, the dance program’s associate degree in dance prepares students for transition into Dean College’s bachelor’s degree program in dance or into another four-year program. The bachelor’s degree in dance program is an ideal blend of the academic study and training needed to prepare students for success on and off-stage"
(Provided by: Dean College)