It is no secret that global warming has pushed the need for energy science to an unprecedented new high. The universities you will attend are at the forefront of making new energy technologies. Geo Thermal, Solar, Hydro Electric, Wind, Ocean and even Cooking Oil are apart of this new frontier. The universities will teach you how. Look for schools who participate in competitions dealing with energy science.

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Meridian specializes in renewable energy systems of the highest quality for clients who demand expert advice and the best components available. Hundreds of installed systems have taught us the value of honesty, high-quality materials, careful planning, and attention to the smallest of details. Visit
For 20 years, Southwest Wind power has been bringing low-cost, reliable wind energy to the world. As the world's largest producer of small wind generators, we've pioneered new technologies to make renewable energy simple. Visit
OWECO Ocean Wave Energy Company is located in Rhode Island, USA. The company is working toward full implementation of OWEC Ocean Wave Energy Converter. Visit
Distributed Energy Systems’ Power Generation group provides full lifecycle energy services, modular-based power products, and long-term contract operations and maintenance of advanced power systems. Visit
Energy is the vital force powering business, manufacturing, and the transportation of goods and services to serve the American and world economies. Visit
Nexergy is the leading designer, integrator, and manufacturer of custom battery packs and battery chargers that enable portable electronic products to be more dependable, smaller, lighter, and longer running. Visit
Biofuels are becoming more attractive as a viable supplement or alternative to petroleum-based fuels, which continue to increase in price and rely on a dwindling supply of crude oil. Agilent offers biodiesel analyzers designed to meet ASTM and CEN testing standards. Visit
The Solar Electric Power Association is a nonprofit organization, formed in 1992 as the Utility Photovoltaic Group, with 270 utility, electric service provider, manufacturer, installer, government, and research members. SEPA’s mission is to facilitate solutions for the use and integration of solar electric power by utilities, electric service providers, and their customers. Visit
Gulf Ethanol, Corp. is developing ethanol production strategies along the Gulf Coast using non-food feed stocks for the production of ethanol rather than corn or sugar cane." Visit
They Hire people who are in electrical engineering Visit
Hydropower is America’s leading renewable energy resource. Of all the renewable power sources, it’s the most reliable, efficient, and economical. TVA maintains 29 conventional hydroelectric dams throughout the Tennessee River system and one pumped-storage facility for the production of electricity. Visit