With technology being able to turn a small project in to a multi-national, million dollar best selling movie, learning the basics from the ground up is where you begin. If you have the will, the work ethic, and the creativity, there is nothing stopping you from becoming the next great Hollywood icon. Watch the videos at the bottom to learn some fun film techniques. When looking for a good film school, actual breadth of facilities should be your #1 concern. How many cameras per student? should be your first question.

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  • Professional Associations are where the industry of the major gather together
  • Many have student chapters you can join while in college
  • Many offer internships, scholarships, and opportunities in the major

Student Associations

A Los Angeles-based collective offering mentorship, seminars and workshops. Visit
Provides the independent motion picture industry with marketing support. Visit
Get advice from members and read articles from American Cinematographer magazine. Visit
Find information on joining the 40,000-member AEA, as well as locations of regional offices. Visit
Script registration and a free e-newsletter are two of the features the WGA site offers. Visit
Although Academy membership is by invitation only, check out their resources like the Center for Motion Picture Study and the Student Academy Awards. Visit
Serve as a global advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries. Visit
Supports efforts of engineers, film editors, technicians and production professionals. Visit
Nurtures excellence in the field of camera operation Visit
Union for motion picture editors.. Visit
Learn specific information about the benefits of guild membership, including the health and pension plans. Visit
The SAG site offers membership information, news and hot topics like diversity and performers with disabilities. Visit
Many resources for the documentary filmmaker, including how to submit a proposal to the center. Visit