Stroll the greatest gallery districts in any major city on the planet, and you will find the independent artists who make the great works you pass by. Most of these artists went to art school, and learned from the ground up how to let their visions become reality. Don’t let the competitive nature of the art world intimidate you. If you are truly great, your works will shine through. As with other majors, the quality and scope of a schools actual facilities should be a high priority.

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WELCOME to Faux Effects. Whether you are a beginning faux finisher or a seasoned decorative painting artist or contractor, Faux Effects has the products, knowledge, and training to ensure your success. Visit, Inc. is made up of talented people who are original thinkers, and who love a culture where innovation, creativity and results are valued. Visit
This company designs sets for stage and screen. Fine Artists use their talent to make all kinds of art for corporate purposes. Visit
Through generations of public support and private benefaction, the Museum has assembled one of the finest comprehensive art collections in the country. With a per-capita attendance that is consistently among the highest of our nation's art museums, we are a national leader in making our collections and programs available to a broad public audience. Visit
We were founded by a team of artisans with the intent of providing top quality artwork of all types, at reasonable price. Our statues can be found all over the world. Visit
Scholarships of $2,000 each are available for students of figurative or representational sculpture. Scholarships are paid directly to the academic institution through which the student applies. Visit
He’s not really an employer, but we loved his work so much we decided to showcase him. Visit
Join the Woodruff Center team! The Woodruff Arts Center's 500+ employees can tell you that it's one of the best places to work in Atlanta! Visit
Students who learn to do murals can start their own business with the art form doing this for independent clients. Visit
This site is a must for the independent artist. Chances are that as an artists you will want to sell your ar all over the country, this guide will show you everything you need to know. Visit