Conservation scientists and foresters manage the use and development of forests, rangelands, and other natural resources. These lands supply wood products, livestock forage, minerals, and water. They serve as sites for recreational activities and provide habitats for wildlife. Some workers advise private landowners on the use and management of their land and may design and implement programs that make the land healthier and more productive.

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  • Professional Associations are where the industry of the major gather together
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Student Associations

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States. Visit
This SAF site represents the forestry profession and issues important to the practice of forestry. These issues are explained and they throw in a little info about forestry as well. A great looking site... Visit
This is a organization with a commitment to quality forestry for the benefit of the general public. Visit
A society dedicated to the development, conservation, and propagation of conifers. Visit
A great source on tree planting and national projects involving tree planting. Visit
AF&PA is the national trade association for the forest products industry.... Visit
The organization responsible for the Tree Farm System and Project Learning Tree Visit
You have a State Forester. Look him up and take advantage of his service. Visit
Another great source on tree panting, tree care and national projects involving tree planting. Visit