An industrial designer designed every product you use in your home, office or in school. It’s an amazing field and one that if you go to college and major in it, will allow you to learn the skills to actually make the inventions you think about. Some schools will call it “Product Design”, or be even more specific with titles such as “Furniture” or “Toy design”. Look for programs who participate in design competitions, and have internship or "Co-Op" programs available.

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Our understanding of human behavior helps us create design solutions that lead to profitable business innovation. We provide the right set of tools to move that idea through an organization and out into the market. Visit
This design firm re-invented the guitar. Check out the site and see what they did. Visit
Ignition is a design and product development company. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping our clients create ideas and turn them into successful products. Visit
With a passion for making stand out designs, Lunar creates memorable products that lead industries, capture new markets, and sell in the millions. Visit
Patton Design, Inc. is a consultant industrial design firm dedicated to the seamless integration of the product development process through a team approach. Visit
People at frog, both thinkers and do-ers, come from a multitude of backgrounds, with expertise in one or more disciplines and experience in a variety of industries—including automotive, medical, consumer, retail, software, web, technology, finance and many others. Visit
Design Edge can accommodate every aspect of the product development cycle from concept to production. Visit
Insight designs meaningful products and experiences. From design strategy through development we align user needs with business goals to ensure market success. Visit
We are a strategic product development firm dedicated to assisting companies in creating breakthrough products that deliver exceptional customer experiences and personify their brand. Visit
HumanCentric is an integrated product development services company headquartered in Cary, NC employing a staff of 38 professionals trained and educated in human factors, research, design and engineering. Visit