Management Information Systems (MIS) is a major that primarily combines computer science with business intelligence. A good example would be the computer networks in your high school or college. All of those systems are linked, integrated and respond to the needs and desires of the purpose they serve. The first four components (hardware, software, database, and network) make up what is known as the information technology platform. Information systems graduates are in high demand, and the need is ever growing. You'll learn how to make web based applications, smart phone apps, and how the web, phone, credit card processors, printers, etc are all linked. MIS is challenging, but the outcomes are rewarding with high starting salaries for graduates. 

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More About Information Systems (MIS)

"Designed for bachelor's and certificate students ready to begin a full time career in information technology. Students work a minimum of 20 hours per week for the semester in an information systems environment, with both faculty and employer supervision"
Provided By: Virginia Commonwealth University

"By 2026, 43,800 new Computer and Information Systems Manager jobs are expected to be added within the USA. This growth rate of 12% is higher than average for all occupations. The median national annual salary for Computer and Information Systems Managers is $120,950"
Provided By: Capitol Technology University

“Throughout the program you’ll be exposed to all the major IT specialties, including Application Development, Systems Analysis, Data Management and Analytics, Information Security as well as Network and Systems Administration”
Provided By: Oregon Tech University

"It is critical that we produce MIS professionals who understand the strategic role information technology can play to keep a firm competitive, proactively manage the IT solutions chosen, and look to explore the role of advanced information technologies in newer applications."
Provided By: The University of Arizona

"Students pursuing this area of emphasis will learn about the how and why of information security management, including the Availability-Integrity-Confidentiality triad, governance, risk and compliance, relevant best practices, regulations and laws, threat intelligence analysis and techniques, organizational infrastructure and telecommunications"
Provided By: The University of Georgia

"New career opportunities in GIS are emerging every day. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 growth professions in the U.S. Think about the person who takes pictures for Google Earth. Or maps out the routes for self-driving cars. Or helps plot out the most efficient way to deliver packages. These are the jobs of the future, but you can prepare today with a degree in Geographic Information Science."
Provided By: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

"Students with an expertise in IT understand how technology supports business objectives and how to achieve business goals. A minor in MIS supplements other business degrees not only with additional knowledge of how information systems are designed, developed, deployed, and used, but also by providing superior IT skills"
Provided By: Villanova University