Watch your favorite news channel or read your favorite newspaper, and you will understand how important this profession is. The college major of Journalism and / or Broadcasting is only for those who wish to find the truth of any given situation. In fact, those who do it well have an opportunity to have the most positive impact on their world. As a true journalist, you will have to be unbiased, unflinching, and realize that everything you say is going to the public for mass consumption.

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Since its founding in 1955, Village Voice Media has grown to become the largest group of metropolitan newsweeklies in the U.S. Our papers routinely best America's major dailies in national and regional writing competitions. Visit
NewspaperDirect is the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetization. Visit was founded in August 1998 by Dan Rohn, a former copy editor and writer with The Washington Post, editor with America Online, and Washington, D.C.-based stringer for Money Magazine. is the largest and most-visited resource for journalism jobs, and receives between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month. Visit
Our goal is to help both the journalists who produce the news and the citizens who consume it develop a better understanding of what the press is delivering. The Project has put special emphasis on content analysis in the belief that quantifying what is occurring in the press, rather than merely offering criticism and analysis, is a better approach to understanding. Visit is dedicated to anyone who creates or works with content, or who is a non-creative professional working in a content/creative industry. That includes editors, writers, producers, graphic designers, book publishers, and others in industries including magazines, television, film, radio, newspapers, book publishing, online media, advertising, PR, and design. Visit
Gannett understands the value of innovation – and of providing a wide variety of news and information across multiple platforms. Our Information Center initiative is transforming newsrooms across the company -- and we believe will lead to a new way of looking at and doing journalism. Our Center for Design and Innovation is harnessing the creative power of our employees to find new businesses and new ways of doing business. Visit
Those in journalism programs may be able to co-op at companies like this. Visit
College Publisher is a dynamic technology and services company that has developed an innovative, advanced web-publishing solution for campus newspapers. Currently, College Publisher has partnered with more than 450 publications nationwide, comprising the largest network of online student newspapers in the nation. Visit
Look around the site and find the internships section. NBC, CBS, ABC etc all have them. Visit