The 21st century landscape architect is the person who can combine the scientific knowledge of botany and horticulture, with the aesthetic intuition of fine art. Forget the “gardener” images. True landscape architects fashion their clients environment to the envy of all who see it. Its not an easy field, but my goodness it’s a beautiful one if you can master the techniques.

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Bi-monthly publication featuring articles on hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and other innovative techniques for the beginning to advanced grower. Visit
An illustrated guide to home gardening and design. Features tips, a gardeners' forum, and articles. Visit
 Brings high style down to earth, using the garden's potent imagery to create a new kind of glamour.  Visit
Rodale Press offers organic techniques for growing food and flowers, and subscription info for the print magazine. Visit
Landscape Architecture Magazine is a magazine created by The American Society of Landscape Architects  Visit
 Offers news, advice, forums, and links, as well as garden tour and catalog listings. Also offers information on print based publication team and subscriptions.  Visit
 Electronic organic gardening magazine with tips and answers to many gardening questions.  Visit
Bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the special world of Japanese gardening and architecture. Visit
 Texas' most famous gardener. Gardening tips and articles from Neil Sperry's Gardens Magazine.  Visit
Featuring new rare and unusual garden plants from around the world. Visit
 Offers information on a variety of tropical plants.  Visit
A privately published quarterly journal which addresses itself to intelligent and lively-minded gardeners throughout the English-speaking world.  Visit
Articles from Horticulture magazine about flowers, plants, garden design, and more. Visit
Offers gardening tips for all types of roses, photos and information on old rose gardens, chat, forums, and more. Visit
Presenting plant knowledge for beginner and expert with a youthful personal approach. Visit
Offers articles for gardeners of all ages, abilities, and lifestyles. Visit
 Offers examples and stories of beautiful water gardens, pond related projects, landscaping ideas, and information about aquatic plants and how to care for them.  Visit
Organic Gardening is aimed at small farmers and home organic gardeners, not specifically larger organic growing operations, but that doesn't mean this isn't a fun website to browse. There are plenty of tips and resources that can be applicable to even larger scale growers. Visit
Bi-monthly publication for lovers of cactus, other succulents and caudiciforms; site includes sections on plant/seed suppliers, books for sale and information sharing. Visit