A Mechanical Engineering degree is highly sought after by the automobile, motorcycle and machinery making industries. M.E is an engineering discipline that was developed from the application of principles from physics and materials science. Top Mechanical Engineering schools participate in many high level college competitions such as the Baja Race car or Clean Snow Mobile challenge. M.E is the branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power and the design, production, and use of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

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Offers custom machining and engineering, design and build services, manufacturing, assembly, FAA repair, and medical engineering services. Visit
Piezoelectric actuators, piezo motors, vibrometers, lasers, piezo materials, capacitive sensors, flexure stages, micropositioners, nanopositioners, and more. Visit
Plans for electric and hybrid cars, three wheel cars, vans, hovercraft, personal watercraft, submarine, recumbent bicycles, and more. Visit
Offers automated metrology products which automate CMM and CNC machine tool operations; together with calibration, encoder, scanning, and spectroscopy systems. Visit
Provides technical investigation and accident reconstruction services to the insurance, legal, police, and coroner communities. Visit
Engages in industrial research and development in cooling technologies, electric motors, microphones, steel making, power generation, and others. Visit
Fluid engineering research, development, consultancy, training and conferences. Visit
Check out the complete lineup of Polaris Snowmobiles with Terrain Dominating Control, Victory Motorcycles - The New American Motorcycle, RANGER Utility. Visit
Specialists in tool engineering, forming, wear parts and rods, and magnets. Visit
Provides a full range of engineering & design services with an assortment of CAD systems including ProE, CV, UG, Autocad, and Cadam. Visit
With a complete line up of PWC and speed boats, Sea-Doomeets all your boating needs. Visit
Specializes in engineering design optimization. Current products include general purpose numerical optimization software DOT & DOC. Visit
Developing and building machines and products. Visit
Supplier of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to the optical and wireless telecommunications industry. Visit
Source for heat transfer research and software products for the design, rating, and simulation of various heat exchanger types. Visit
Designs and manufactures thermal management solutions for microelectronics applications including integrated heat pipes, heat sinks, and cold plate. Visit
Rackmount chassis, and sheet metal products munufacturer. Services include CAD, CNC, prototypes, design, and fabrication. Visit
Machines for laminating, molding or forming of textile, nonwoven, foam and foil composites, automotive interiors, filters, medical textiles, metal panels, and more. Visit
Non-profitmaking organisation funded by the IEA, the Heat Pump Centre operates within the IEA Heat Pump Programme to make information available on heat pump technologies and products. Visit
Engineering firm dedicated to motion control technology. Product line includes resolvers, stepper motion, network devices, encoders, programmable limit switches, packaging system solutions, and more. Visit
Official corporate site. Honda manufactures and sells motorcycles, automobiles, personal watercraft, and power products, including portable generators, power tillers, and general purpose engines. Visit
Independent turbomachinery design and development organization. Visit
Design engineering firm specializing in piezo electric applications in the aerospace, and biomedical, industries. Lots of educational and technical information available online. Visit