Nonprofit Mgmt is a major that leads students into the world of what are called "Nonprofit”. Organizations, like the Red Cross, Green Peace, Habitat for Humanity and the Lumina Foundation are all different forms of "Charitable nonprofits.” They generate much of their revenue from grants, charitable contributions, and performing services for governments. Charitable nonprofits are mission-based corporations, formed to benefit the public. There are 10's of thousands of NPOs' nationally that all hire managers and administrators to lead them. The Nonprofit Management major is one of the fastest growing areas of study right now due to the rise in the number of NPOs.

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The Center was created in 1986 by the Frist Foundation and the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville to improve the skills of nonprofit executives in Middle Tennessee Visit
A database of 50,000 organizations around the world. Visit
Foundation Source is the nation's leading provider of outsourced support services for private foundations. Visit
A publication dedicated to the non profit sector. Visit
VolunteerMatch is a leader in the nonprofit world dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer. Our popular service welcomes millions of visitors a year and has become the preferred internet recruiting tool for more than 50,000 nonprofit organizations. Visit
AmeriCorps is building a powerful pipeline for public servants, civic leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Throughout the history of the United States , Americans have valued an ethic of service. As Alexis de Tocqueville wrote over a century and a half ago, this ethic of service prompts [Americans] to assist one another and inclines them willingly to sacrifice a portion of their time and property to the welfare of the state. Visit
The Council on Foundations is a Washington, DC, area-based nonprofit membership association of more than 2,100 grantmaking foundations and corporations. The assets of Council members total more than $282 billion. Visit
An outstanding magazine dedicated to the management of non profit organizations. Visit