Nursing is by one of the most stable and rewarding of all medical careers. Good nurses are always in high demand, and according to most salary websites make a salary range from $45,000–$85,000 per year on average. The training is hard, but when you’re done you will have a career that will be in demand anywhere in the country. Male nurses are the fastest growing segment in this field and the image of nursing as a women’s’ only field will change dramatically in the near future. Nursing is not for the weak or timid. Dedication is a must.

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More About Nursing (RN/BSN)

The Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing program prepares graduates to practice in a variety of settings and to care for individuals, families and populations across the lifespan. Graduates achieve competencies that address the rapidly changing health care needs of Oregon's aging and ethnically diverse populations and are eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination. 
(Provided by: The Oregon Health Science University)

Baccalaureate nursing education builds upon knowledge acquired from the humanities and biological, physical, social, and behavioral sciences. By engaging in state-of-the-art technologies, simulations, and other teaching strategies, the graduate is prepared to care for families and individuals of all ages.
(Provided by: The University of Alabama - Birmingham)

"The School of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of San Francisco advances the mission of the university by preparing health professionals to address the determinants of health, promote policy and advocacy and provide a moral compass to transform health care in order to further equity and positively influence quality, delivery, and access. The program utilizes a hands-on approach to nursing education. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their clinical skills and evaluation techniques by using real-world tools provided by the Clinical Skills Lab and Simulation Center."
(Provided by: The University of San Francisco)

"Starting with your freshman year, you will begin clinical experiences at highly recognized health care facilities in the surrounding area, allowing you to care for a variety of patients in diverse settings. You will experience realistic, life-sized simulators to develop your clinical judgment and decision-making in a safe, true-to-life clinical setting."
(Provided by: Cedarville University)

As a nursing major, you will pursue academic, clinical and professional excellence that will lead to a meaningful professional nursing career. Nurses care for patients, families and communities and make up an indispensable component of our nation’s healthcare delivery system.The BSN program at Mount Union is CCNE accredited. 
(Provided by: The University of Mount Union)