Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyses violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending social conflicts with a view towards understanding those processes which lead to a more desirable human condition. A variation on this, peace studies (irenology), is an interdisciplinary effort aiming at the prevention, de-escalation, and solution of conflicts by peaceful means, thereby seeking 'victory' for all parties involved in the conflict.

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Collaboration of national and international peace and social justice organizations and local places of worship, peace centers, and community organizations. Visit
Provides organizational support to persons committed to faith-based nonviolent alternatives where lethal conflict is a reality or is supported by public policy Visit
Includes bulletins, opinion, cartoons, and an index of anti-intervention sites and news stories. Visit
Interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change. Visit
Offers mediation for all types of disputes, business relations counseling, and personal psychotherapy. Visit
Global organization helping people to connect compassionately with themselves and one another through Nonviolent Communication, a process created by Marshall B Rosenberg. Visit
Private, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations of the world Visit
Working toward a world without war through humanitarian actions and dialogue. Visit
Nonprofit organization offering grants and loans to grassroots organizations that promote peace and social justice. Visit
An independent, nonpartisan federal institution created and funded by Congress to strengthen the nation's capacity to promote the peaceful resolution of international conflict. Visit
Association of foundations, charitable trusts, grantmaking programs, and individual philanthropists who make contributions in the peace and security field. Visit
Addressing conflict in the service of social change by replacing adversarial and violent modes of resolving conflict with nonviolent and collaborative processes and techniques. Visit
Raises money from individuals to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Visit
Featuring an extensive mediation information and resource center. Visit
Offering a systematic approach to conflict resolution, violence prevention, and peacemaking at home, in the workplace, and in the world Visit