Political science is the major for the person who wants to make a real difference in his or her world. This discipline is where tomorrow’s governmental leaders are made. It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative or a liberal. What matters is your will to understand the real needs of the people who you will serve while in office, as well as, the real issues that you be called to vote upon. Look for schools where civic involvement is held in high esteem.

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  • Professional Associations are where the industry of the major gather together
  • Many have student chapters you can join while in college
  • Many offer internships, scholarships, and opportunities in the major

Student Associations

Site includes mission statement and party platform. Visit
The Natural Law Party was founded in April 1992 to bring the light of science into politics Visit
A membership organization made up of political consultants, pollsters, public affairs officers, political staffers, and educators. Visit
Free-standing, national group that in 1997 formally split from Ross Perot and his Dallas-based Reform Party. Visit
The largest and oldest political youth organization in the United States , with 50 member federations on over 1000 campuses. Recruits, trains, and registers. Visit
The organization's primary focus is registering voters and electing Democrats. Visit
Youth section of the Democratic Socialists of America. Visit
Includes the mission and platform of the party. Visit
Includes information about the organization's history, membership rates and types, governance, meetings, programs and activities, news, publications, ... Visit
Official site of the Libertarian Party with news, resources, and information about the political party. Visit
Students!! Many of the NGOs listed are groups that you can join while in college. NGOs are NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS. These groups represent many political and social interests of many countries. However, they are not actually affiliated with an official government and are supported by the general populace. Visit
Working-class party that fights against capitalism. Visit