When it comes to higher education, the medical field can go in many directions. Pre-Medical ("pre-med") gives students the context and training to go on to full fledged Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and much more. The medical road is tough - but highly lucrative and rewarding. As with other fields, many colleges specialize in “Pre-Medical” tracks. Look for schools who have highly developed tracks that are specifically designed with the end goal of medical school and becoming a doctor in mind.

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  • When students read what the industry reads, you better understand the ACTUAL major
  • Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers in the industry provide a wealth of information 
  • Industry publications help you research the major in the way it’s used in the profession



Monthly news magazine dedicated to total body movement and medicine. Focus on treatment of joint and body injuries, geriatrics, rehabilitation, diabetes, pain management and wound care Visit
News, information and marketing for doctors of chiropractic. Visit
Provides ophthalmologists and those in the eyecare field with news, features and monthly departments of practical use. Visit
Magazine assists bioscience and biotechnology scientists in finding products for biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and other key areas of work. Visit
Free resource for physicians, featuring CME (Continuing Medical Education), medical journal articles, medical news, conference coverage, and drug information. Visit
Source for primary care sports medicine clinical and personal health articles. Visit
Magazine reviews new products available for the chiropractic profession. Visit
Magazine in the health care field written specifically for the directors of hospitals and health care systems. Visit
Magazine concentrates on all disease states like Diabetic Foot Care, MRSA, Flatfoot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Orthotics. Visit
Magazine designed to help doctors with practice management, personal finance, patient relations. Features surveys on physician income, healthcare technology, and medical ethics. Visit
Business magazine for physician executives, leaders and entrepreneurs Visit
Monthly magazine that reports relevant timely information on the latest trends in its market and is at the forefront of all developments in the dermatology arena. Visit
Magazine for physicians, nurses and administrators involved in the field of outpatient surgery. Visit
Magazine for today?s physician in training. Provides articles on medical education, residency, practice and business of medicine. Visit