With the evolution of the vast pet industry, comes the need for more students trained in Animal Science. There are not just opportunities to become a full Veterinarian. A “Pre-vet” and Animal Science major can become a Veterinary Technician, work for a pet product manufacturer, teach, work at a zoo, and many other things. Like many other medical fields, pre-vet students should look for schools that specialize in, and have highly visible “Pre-Veterinary” programs.

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More About Pre - Veterinary Medicine

"Do you have a love for animals and a passion for keeping them happy and healthy? You might want to pursue a career as a veterinarian or zoo keeper, or work for a wildlife or conservation agency. The Bachelor of Science in Pre-Veterinary program will hold you to high standards and prepare you for entry-level positions or the rigors of veterinary school."
Provided By: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania