The Aviation Major is diverse as it also may include Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Logistics and Air Traffic Control. As more people take to the sky in private aircraft, learning about the business and complex logistics of aviation is as important as learning to fly or fix the aircraft. With an Aviation Degree, you can work anywhere in the country.  Most major cities have more than one airport so the opportunities are there.

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  • When students read what the industry reads, you better understand the ACTUAL major
  • Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers in the industry provide a wealth of information 
  • Industry publications help you research the major in the way it’s used in the profession



Aviation news updated daily, feature-length articles by top aviation writers and journalists, searchable aviation databases, an extensive threaded message board. Visit
For people interested in homebuilt airplanes, rotorcraft, ultralights and other special-interest do-it-yourself flying machines. Visit
A variety of aviation information including racing, photography, features, interviews, air show and air race coverage, and more. Visit
Australian Aviation magazine is Australia 's largest selling aviation magazine dealing with airliners, military aircraft, air safety, general aviation, warbirds and more. Visit
Flying magazine for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the SW. Visit
Monthly periodical for pilots. Visit
Covering aircraft and airlines around the world. Visit
Featuring stories and photodocumentaries about the triumphs and trials of flight, both past and present. Visit
Offers sample articles, photos of warbirds, and other information for aviation history enthusiasts.. Visit
Monthly magazine for private pilots and aircraft owners. Visit
Brings you updated general aviation news, features, events calendar and the Virtual Hangar aviation shopping and catalogs. Visit
Includes aircraft reviews and pictures. Visit
Trade magazine for Southern California aviators. Visit
Devoted to airlines, aircraft, and commercial air transport related gifts. Visit
Covering a variety of air sports including general aviation, ballooning, gliding, and more, with an international focus. Visit
Quarterly magazine dedicated to private pilot travel in the West. Visit
A monthly news publication for the aviation industry. Visit
Flight and space travel magazine of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Visit
Features articles and photos concerning aircraft reviews, FAA, historical aviation, places to fly to, aviation services, new products and more. Visit
National aviation magazine, providing coverage of commercial, corporate, general, and military aviation in Canada and around the world. Visit