"Rocks for jocks" was the saying a while ago about geology. That was until they went searching for oil, or granite counter tops became a must have for elegant homes. The environmental science major, and the various facets within it, will allow students to better understand how humans act with, and upon, their natural world. Waste Management, Power Generation, Plant Nurseries, Recycling Centers and many other industries hire Environmental Science graduates. It’s an amazing field with endless possibilities.

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US Filter is company that can clean whole river systems, amazing stuff!! Visit
Polylok, Inc. is an international supplier of plastic injection molded products for the precast concrete and onsite wastewater industries. Visit
WMC is probably the company who collects your trash every week… Visit
Bacterial and viral diseases create serious problems in semi-intensive and intensive aquaculture. Use of surface water in flow-through systems represents a risk of contamination by introducing waterborne fish pathogenic microorganisms. Visit
Identifying appropriate soil sampling and testing methods to determine if contaminants are present, and at what concentration levels. Visit
For over two decades American International Companies® original environmental insurance product has grown to include over 15 specialized environmental insurance products that are now provided by AIG Member Companies. Visit
This company uses advanced technology to clean waste water. Visit
Aquaculture is how we farm fish, Every state has some form of aquaculture projects going on. Visit