The study of Fisheries and Wildlife Science as a college major is best suited for people who have an active interest in the outdoors and life sciences. There is much talk of saving the planet or buzzwords like “increasing biodiversity” and this major is at the heart of it. F&WS majors learn the dynamic relationships between animal populations and their environment so they can manage natural resources sustainably. Being a scientific discipline, expect many science and math courses!

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This Week in conservation science. Lost at Sea September 15, 2009 ...Conservation magazine is published by the Society for Conservation Biology ... About Us - About the Magazine - Archive - Contact Our Offices Visit
Florida Wildlife Magazine cover Florida Wildlife, the official magazine of the Florida Fisheries And Wildlife Science Conservation Commission ( FWC ), is packed with ... Visit
Alaska Wildlife News is an online magazine published by the Alaska ... Alaska Wildlife News an online magazine by Alaska Department of Fish and Game ... Visit
Local area news and resources about the biology and conservation of fish and shellfish in Washington State . Visit
The Wildlife Professional is a magazine containing news and analysis designed to keep todays wildlife professionals informed about critical advances in wildlife science, conservation, management, and policy Visit
National Wildlife Magazine : National Wildlife Federation's award-winning, full-color nature magazine. Includes contributions by the world's top wildlife and ... Visit
Oregon Dept. of Fish & WIldlife. Oregon Wildlife Magazine. For almost a hundred years, Oregon Wildlife (and its previous incarnation, the Oregon Fish & Game ... Visit
For those who appreciate and enjoy wildlife. Visit