Philosophy is a college major that will not directly lead to “Employment” in the field of Philosophy. However, being a philosophy major will prepare you for almost every career possible. It’s designed not to train you for a specific profession, but to train you to think logically as well as asymmetrically. Most Philosophy majors will go onto graduate school in any number of professions. Philosophy is a great college major for those who seek a traditional liberal arts education and environment.

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There is a possible future in which academic libraries no longer spend millions of dollars purchasing, binding, housing, and repairing printed journals, because they have assumed the role of publishers, cooperatively disseminating the results of academic research for free, via the Internet. Each library could bear the cost of publishing some of the world's scholarly output, since it would be spared the cost of buying its own copy of any scholarship published in this way. The results of academic research would then be available without cost to all users of the Internet, including students and teachers in developing countries, as well as members of the general public. Visit
The Philosophers Magazine-Founded in 1997, TPM: The Philosophers Magazine is an independent quarterly, devoted to presenting top-class philosophy in an accessible and entertaining format. It regularly includes interviews with leading philosophers as diverse as Simon Blackburn, Daniel Dennett, Michael Dummett, Luce Irigaray, Hilary Putnam, T.M. Scanlon, John Searle, Peter Singer and Slavoj iek. The magazine also includes news, essays, reviews, features and regular columnists. Visit
The mission of the Journal of Islamic Philosophy is to encourage the academic study of Islamic philosophy. The Journal provides a unique peer-reviewed forum to students, professors, and researchers for the philosophical discussion of topics in Islamic thought. Classical Islamic philosophy of the past masters will be examined again with a new focus. The underlying issues regarding the many ethical, metaphysical, existential, and epistemological challenges posed by western philosophy and others will be explored within an Islamic context. We hope to serve as an impetus toward the renewal of the robust and dynamic spirit of advanced Islamic philosophical discourse in the current era. Visit
The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law is an interdisciplinary forum dedicated to examining issues in the intersection of applied philosophy, science, and the law. As science and technology advance, there will continue to be challenging philosophical and legal issues that need to be sorted out and thoroughly investigated. An analysis of these issues can have a significant and positive impact on educational programs, public policy, and professional practice. Visit
The ASPCP is a nonprofit organization and would greatly welcome your contributions, which it will in turn use to continue its main mission of advancing the professional and theoretical development of philosophical practice throughout the world. Visit
Mind Magazine takes its strength from the talent of our members. This website is the fruit of the collective work of young people willing to offer their best efforts in the hope to pursue a career in the field they are passionate about. This magazine is meant to satisfy the curiosity of people interested in the changing trends of the modern world . Visit
Archive for self-archive papers in any area of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics, and many areas of Computer Science (e.g., artificial intelligence, robotics, vison, learning, speech, neural networks), Philosophy (e.g., mind, language, knowledge, science, logic), Biology (e.g., ethology, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, behaviour genetics, evolutionary theory), Medicine (e.g., Psychiatry, Neurology, human genetics, Imaging), Anthropology (e.g., primatology, cognitive ethnology, archeology, paleontology), as well as any other portions of the physical, social and mathematical sciences that are pertinent to the study of cognition. Visit
Radical Philosophy is a journal of socialist and feminist philosophy. It was founded in 1972 in response to the widely felt discontent with the sterility of academic philosophy at the time (in Britain completely dominated by the narrowest sort of "ordinary language" philosophy), with the purpose of providing a forum for the theoretical work which was emerging in the wake of the radical movements of the 1960s, in philosophy and other fields. Visit
Psyche- is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain. PSYCHE publishes material relevant to that exploration from the perspectives afforded by the disciplines of cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and anthropology. Interdisciplinary discussions are particularly encouraged. Visit