As everyone has teeth, there will always be a need for highly qualified dental students. There are three primary levels of dentistry in the college major, and they all can lead to the next level. “Pre-Dental” is designed to give the student all of the science pre-requisites for a successful entry to dental school. Dental Hygienists earn a full BA, and is its own long term career. Dental Assistants typically earn a certification or an Associates degree.

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Lewis Dental is a quality-oriented lab serving the Mid-Atlantic dental community for 28 years now. Visit
DEXIS delivers innovative, high quality digital imaging solutions to the dental community. Visit
Office of south Florida dentist, will help you better understand what a dentists office offers. Visit
We are proud to be America’s largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier. Made up of independent, affiliated member companies. Visit
This is a company who makes dentures and other dental fixtures. Visit
This is a group of dental centers in Cleveland. There is dentistry, and then there is the business of dentistry. Visit
We stock more than 40,000 different products in several strategically located warehouse and distribution centers across the country to ensure product availability and reduce inventory costs for our customers. Visit