The 21st century landscape architect is the person who can combine the scientific knowledge of botany and horticulture, with the aesthetic intuition of fine art. Forget the “gardener” images. True landscape architects fashion their clients environment to the envy of all who see it. Its not an easy field, but my goodness it’s a beautiful one if you can master the techniques.

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Architecture firm focusing on landscape, cities, nature, native peoples, learning places, and bio-regions. Visit
Provides landscape architecture and planning services. Visit
Working with a wide range of clients, architects and designers for better hardscapes, softscapes, townscapes and funscapes. Visit
LandDesign offers award-winning urban design, planning, branding, civil engineering, landscape architecture and surveying solutions to public and private sector clients across the globe. Visit
They oversee all the Landscape architecture boards all over the country. Visit
Providing environmental planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture services. Visit
Specializing in landscape architecture, community planning, ecological restoration, and resource management. Visit
They oversee all the Landscape architecture boards all over the country Offers landscape architecture from an ecological perspective. Projects range from large-scale regional planning to small-scale intimate design. Visit
SWA group is widely recognized as one of the world's design leaders in the fields of landscape architecture, planning and urban design. Visit
Licensed landscape architect, garden designer, writer, and artist who lives and works in Kyoto , Japan. Visit