Political science is the major for the person who wants to make a real difference in his or her world. This discipline is where tomorrow’s governmental leaders are made. It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative or a liberal. What matters is your will to understand the real needs of the people who you will serve while in office, as well as, the real issues that you be called to vote upon. Look for schools where civic involvement is held in high esteem.

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  • When students read what the industry reads, you better understand the ACTUAL major
  • Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers in the industry provide a wealth of information 
  • Industry publications help you research the major in the way it’s used in the profession



Independent magazine providing news and views you won't find anywhere else. Visit
Weekly journal of opinion, featuring progressive ideas and analysis on politics and culture, publishing since 1865. Visit
Quarterly magazine of politics and culture edited by Mitchell Cohen and Michael Walzer. Visit
News, opinion, and analysis of politics, culture, and current events from a center-right perspective. Visit
The home of neoconservatism. Visit
Journal of traditional conservative opinion and analysis edited by Pat Buchanan, Taki Theodoracopulos, and Scott McConnell. Visit
Multicultural, English/Spanish, magazine promotes grassroots organizing and politics, and art for social change among communities of color and working people. Visit
Exists to encourage people to get involved in their government. Includes both a satirical and serious selection of stories and comment. Visit
Because nobody's life, liberty or property is safe while the Congress is in session. Visit
Where the left is right, and the right is wrong. Visit
Bi-weekly on-line 'zine that covers stories ignored or inaccurately portrayed by the mainstream media. Visit
Where the left is right, and the right is wrong. Visit
Reprints articles from alternative media sources that illuminate the latest ideas and trends in modern culture. Visit
Provides insight and opinion on international news, world politics, business, finance, science and technology, and cultural trends. Visit
Leading voice for peace and social justice in America . Visit
A journal for the liberal imagination featuring articles and debates on economic policy and politics. Visit
Seeks to enrich the national debate on controversial public issues by featuring the ideas, opinions, and analyses too often overlooked by the mainstream media. Visit
Exists to report on issues of world poverty and inequality, to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and powerless, and to campaign for radical changes. Visit
Edited by William Kristol and Fred Barnes. Visit
A publication of the John Birch Society. Visit
Investigative journalism, photo essays, and social commentary from a left-of-center perspective. Visit